OECD event “Reducing the precarity of research careers”

On the 26th and 27th of November the OECD organizes a public virtual event on how to understand and reduce the precarity of research careers.

This event discusses the findings of the OECD-project on precarity of research careers, share the main lessons learned, and best practices that can be implemented with a wider audience. The results of the discussion will inform the final report of the project and future OECD work on research careers. ACV KU Leuven representative Maarten Hermans provided input on the Belgian situation for the OECD-project.

On the program are among others Katia Levecque and Anneleen Mortier (UGent – ECOOM), who will take part in the session discussing the detrimental effects of deteriorating working conditions and a research culture based on competition and short-term outputs on the wellbeing of researchers, the attractiveness of the research career, and the quality of science. We also invited prof. Levecque last year to present for a rather full auditorium on the mental wellbeing of doctoral candidates. So for those who missed that, this might be an interesting session.

Other sessions deal with o.a. equal opportunities and diversity, the impact of COVID,  and international and inter-sectoral mobility in research.

The full program, speakers, and possibility to register is available online.

For more information on this topic contact your representative Maarten Hermans (maarten.hermans@kuleuven.be, WhatsApp +32485393813, or Twitter DM @acvkuleuven).

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